Bertone to Debut B99 Jaguar Concept for a BMW 3-Series Rival in Geneva

Whispers of a new design study for a Jaguar model from Bertone have been going around lately, but today, a teaser image surfaced online providing us with our first peek at the car, which is named B99 (Bertone 99) and is set to premiere at next month's Geneva Motor Show.

The B99 is a conceptual proposal for a 'baby' Jaguar model targeting the likes of the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class saloons. The concept will feature a traditional four-door sedan body with more classic proportions and styling cues than the XJ and XF.

If the reviews for the B99 are positive, the concept could form the base for the creation of a production model that will sit right under the XF, providing Jaguar with a new entry-level model. Just recently, the British automaker's new global director, Adrian Hallmark, confirmed that Jaguar is indeed considering a smaller model to increase the company's sales.

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