Duped: Alleged Spy Video of Alfa Romeo 4C an MPCARDESIGN Project

A "spy" video showing an Alfa Romeo 4C GTA and Spider has been circulating around the internet lately, with some screen shots even making their way on British car magazine Autoexpress which posted a story on its website the other day.

We had our doubts about its authenticity ever since we first saw the film last week, and today these suspicions were confirmed after we came in contact with Marco Procaccini from MPCARDESIGN who told us that he made the video as part of a new (independent) Alfa Romeo project he is working on. Apparently, someone got hold of Mario's video, and tried to pass it on as a scoop, duping many people in the process.

You can check both the faux spy video and a teaser from MPCARDESIGN's new Alfa Romeo 4C design study right after the jump.

Links: Mpcardesign , Autojunk & Autoexpress




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