Vauxhall Builds the World's first Fashion Catwalk out of Cars

Vauxhall celebrates the tenth season of its Fashion Scout with the first ever car-walk. Made out of three new Corsas and hovering 1.5 meters above the ground, the unique installation featured a three hour show as part of London`s Fashion Week. The models, who normally floated on the polished stages in front of Anna Wintour and Co., spent a week tackling the high-rise podium before showing off the carefully choreographed moment.

The Vauxhall Fashion Scout is a common presence at London Fashion Week and its main purpose is to give lesser known designers the opportunity to have their own catwalk show, presentation or exhibition during Fashion Week.

Over the years this event has given Britain some of the nation`s greatest fashion designers. Names such as William Tempest, Prophetik or Bodyamr went on to work for Cheryl Cole, Emma Watson or Daisy Lowe.

By Radu Borcea


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